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  • Flo Schepers

Senegal... Surf, eat, chill, repeat.

A short flight over the Atlantic ocean, that is where we found this hidden gem: one of the best kitesurf & surf spots in Africa. And still completely undiscovered! We packed our bags and travelled to Dakar - to discover this beautiful former French colony. French cuisine lovers - hold your horses, because of its french heritage, french food is everywhereeeee. Croissants, baguettes, good coffee and an abundance of fresh fruit. On the west coast of Africa.

Lazy morning in Dakar

We spent our mornings wondering through the little streets of Dakar - looking for fresh coffees and baguettes. Tip: top off your breakfast with fresh mango, sweeter than sweet. They grow everywhere and cost less than 20 cents.

Best coffee in town? Stop by Lulu coffee for a delicious (french?!) cappuccino. Once you're there, please also try the life-changing salad with feta and beetroot. Another reason to love Lulu - it is not only super hip, it has a super cool shop as well.

Beachlife and beachbars

Dakar has a very relaxed and chilled vibe, because it is a coastal town. The people are super friendly and you can feel the surf vibe all over the place, which includes a lot of chilling. Fresh fish, oysters and shrimps for dinner. Preferaby at No Flaye or Sharkys, get seated in the sand, dip your toes in the water and have a beautiful seaview - love it for lunch & dinner. Best of all - go for a surf session while the sun goes down. After dinner, you can visit the little lighthouse, where they often play live music. Looking out over the city & sea: Most. Beautiful. View. Ever.

plates full of fresh oysters for only 2 euro's


Planning to stay in Senegal a little longer? The La Somone is a must go! a very chilled coastal town, with great kitesurfing conditions. Kitesurfing is still small in Senegal, which means the chances are big that you've got the sea to yourself! We went out into the water in front of Royal Baobab Hotel, where there is a beautiful lagoon, and lots of delicious fresh fish to enjoy after your kite session! Watch out: BYO kite, as there is no kiteschool around.

Top three restaurants in La Somone:

1. Les Trois Gorilles - beach front

2. Le grain du sel - delicious french cuisine in a romantic garden.

Looking for a bit og culture aswell?

The Museum of black civilisations - the only large modern museum in Africa where the African history before colonisation is exhibited.

Fun fact: a lot of stolen art from Africa, is shown in European museums, however thanks to this museum the art can be claimed back.

The renaissance monument is another a must see! The statue has been built by North-Koreans, as they are very skilled in building statues of their leaders. My last tip for you! Pay a visit to the fishing village next to the Mosque of Divinity. Have a walk, chat with the local fisherman, and do you want to see something really interesting? Go there on a sunday, as the entire village brings their goats to the sea to give them e proper scrub! The cleaner and prettier your goat, the higher your status!

P.S. All photography on our site is done by Flo (Me)! Photography is my other passion, to see more photo's of our Senegal trip, have a look at my website:


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