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Meet the makers

At the moment, we collaborate with talented makers from Malindi, Watamu, Dar El Salam and Berbers from Marroc. Each of them with their own inspiring story. Curious who made your item? Wander around this page.


Despite the many creative minds, entrepreneurs and artists that can be found in Africa, their hand-crafted products and unique traditions are too often overlooked by the rest of the world. For this reason, Haberdashery assists talented people throughout Africa, not only by providing them with an online platform to showcase and sell their products, but also by accompanying these products with engaging background stories.

"Why would you wear jeans if you can wear

a dress?"

Life lessons from

Sanita Malindi, Kenya

"We'll get there when we get there."

Product designer

Ronald Malindi, Kenya

Tobias is a talented man from Malindi town, a picturesque Kenyan coastal town where the weather is always good and the people happy. He is also a loving father of 3 children, with whom he lives in this coastal town.

Thomas Ocheng


Salommne is running her business at a local market in Nairobi (Kenya). She's a Maasai and proud mother of seven. After serveral visits, Salommne decided to call Flo, our co-founder,  Nashipa, which stands for 'joy' in Masaai-language.

Wandering around the outskirts of Nairobi (Kenya), we met Josphat. Hidden behind a banana-plantation, in a relatively small cellar, he handcrafts his famous beaded-leather belts, worn and loved by many Kenyans and influence.


Leather artist

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