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African flair for modern nomads

Passionate about its diverse people, colorful products and pure traditions, Haberdashery believes strongly in the importance of Africa's unique cultural past, present and future. Driven by the sincere ambition to build bridges between a colorful continent and the rest of the world, this platform is initiated to spice up your lives with some African spirit. Handcrafted products and compelling stories from our contributors will fulfill a pivotal role in achieving that ambition.


Both Flo Schepers and Liselotte van der Lugt have spent a considerable part of their lives on the African continent. Raised in Kenya and Malawi, respectively, they have always felt a strong connection with the various cultures and joyous people they have encountered on the continent. Their repeated travels to a wide range of African countries has resulted in a desire to share their passion for this mighty continent with others, offering you an African experience, through handcrafted products and fascinating stories.  


By providing you with an exceptional and inspiring insight into the lives of our wide variety of makers, Haberdashery hopes to create and strengthen the cultural bridge between Africa and other parts of the world, whilst brightening up your lives with colorful products from an emerging continent. Have a look at our one-of-a-kind products, get to know our makers and become a part of our story.

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