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Njano Sunnycord

Njano Sunnycord

€ 29,50Prijs

By buying one of the Sunnycords® of the Karibu collection you are supporting Maasai communities in Kenya. Salomne is a Maasai lady and has hand beaded your Sunnycord® according to age old Maasai tradition. Beaded jewellery is worn by men and women for beauty but also to signify social status.


Beading is something men don’t do in Maasai tradition, so with your purchase you are directly empowering the Maasai women in Kenya!

In Maasai tradition beaded jewellery is worn for beauty but also to signify social status.


The colours that are used are symbolic and have important meanings understood by the tribe. The Maua Sunnycord® is made of multi colored glass beads. The production of one Maua Sunnycord® takes almost the whole day. Maua means flower in Swahili. 

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