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Necklace with a story

Necklace with a story

€ 9,50 Normale prijs
€ 6,65Verkoopprijs

This is a very special necklace. All the profit goes to the fight against female genital mutilation (vrouwen besnijdenis).

The female genital mutilation is a big threat to Kenyan communities. A group of mothers have made these necklaces as a campaign, as circumcision affects women lives forever. The way it is done is unhealthy and leads to infections, gives difficulties when giving birth and it is against the law. However unfortunately this practice still happens far too often. 


This is a campaign necklace, to say NO to FGM (female genital mutilation).  The proceeds from your purchase enable women in Kenya to give trainings to create awareness for those who do not know the threats and educate girls, mothers and fathers.


The colours of the necklace have meaning: 

Black: the African countries that practice circumsision

Red: blood shed during this practice

White: Peace, the peace that we will overcome when this practice no longer exists. 


Your purchase will help restore hope to many. 

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