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Backpack Safari Style

Backpack Safari Style

€ 95,00Prijs

This backpack is designed for the ultimate urban nomad - made of strong canvas which normally is being used for African safari tents. Perfect for your urban lifestyle, with a lot of hidden pockets to put your haberdasheries in. 

Inside there is a protected pocket for your laptop, outside there's a hidden zipper to keep things safe & inside there are two small pockets for smaller haberdasheries.

The bags are made by Emi. This lovely woman learned her skills at a luxury brand and started her own company just now. She is a blessing to work with. 

All backpacks are handmade by her, with utter precision it takes her up to 2 days to make one. This is our first small batch, but we would love to support her for the long term as we love supporting these powerful entrepreneurial women in Kenya.


Will you join the story of Emi? 

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